Monday, November 4, 2013

Addon: Carbonite

carbonite is an addon that helps with questing, inventory and navigation questing with carbonite makes it so easy most or all of the quests are mapped out on carbonites amazing map making it easy and simple to make the fastest path to get your questing doneand speaking wow 3.3.5 is an older expansion with a different quests in azoroth it is nice to have all of the quests mapping on this addon

the map on carbonite is amazing instead of clicking out and in on zones the all of azeroth including northen is on one map letting you scroll in and out on the whole world  another great feature is being able to see all the icons of things you want to see like the flight paths banks vendors class trainers and more 

a brilliant extra to this addon is its inventory feature making it easy to see all the items you have trough out all your characters.

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